Inter-Urban Express Route

Community Connector Program

The Community Connector Bus is an inter-urban express route that links Chelsea with Dexter and Ann Arbor. WAVE and AAATA transfer east and west bound riders at Meijers on Jackson/Zeeb Roads. 

Hop-On Ride Service

You can hop on a WAVE Community Connector Bus at any of our bus stop locations without a ride reservation.  To access the Community Connector Bus Schedule, click on the link below:

Schedule Changes as of 8/30/2020

Click Here For the Community Connector West Weekday Schedule

Click Here For the Community Connector West Saturday Schedule

Click Here For the Community Connector West Sunday Schedule

Click Here For the Community Connector East Weekday Schedule

Click Here For the Community Connector East Saturday Schedule

Click Here For the Community Connector East Sunday Schedule



Click here for Community Connector Fares


Check the Bus Schedule for bus stops and times.  Wait safely near the bus sign for a ride pick-up.  The driver must see you to stop!  Don’t wait in a car or building nearby.  If the driver doesn’t see you, you might be left behind!  Please note that you may encounter up to a 15 minute delay in the schedule due to road construction, traffic, or weather in the region.  Although delays may occur along the bus line, WAVE is in communication with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority’s dispatch team. AAATA's #30 Route Bus may be directed to wait for WAVE riders.

Jackson Road Corridor  –  Enhanced  Services

Route deviations of up to three-fourths of a mile off the main route are available upon reservation along the Jackson Road corridor.   Call 475-9494 for information and reservations.

Traveling with Packages

Passenger carry-ons must be limited to the equivalent of two (2) grocery bags per person or two pieces of luggage.  If the vehicle is at capacity, you may be required to carry your items on your lap or at your feet.  If a passenger is traveling with a personal-sized cart designed to carry shopping bags, the cart must be secured to the bus with a tie-down strap. Please do not ask drivers to carry or lift heavy or bulky objects or to carry packages on or off vehicles.   Exceptions:  Seniors or disabled riders may ask for assistance carrying two packages to and from the curb when entering or exiting vehicles.

Vehicle Accessibility and Accommodations

WAVE vehicles have wheelchair lifts or ramps making them accessible to people using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.  When the door to the bus opens, inform the driver if you have a visual impairment so we can assist you identify your bus stop.  All WAVE vehicles are wheelchair accessible.  If you will be traveling in a wheelchair or scooter or use a mobility device, drivers will engage the wheelchair lift to assist you.  If you require elbow assistance the bus stop to your seat, ask the driver for assistance.  WAVE drivers will assist you to offer a pleasant ride experience. Call 475-9494 for information or to schedule route deviations for ADA accommodations.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are available on Community Connector buses.  If a bus is pulled for routine maintenance, inspections or repairs, a bus without a bike rack might be used while servicing is accomplished.

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